• TEAM

    NDV Global’s team is made up of high quality experienced investment professionals dedicated to real estate investments and private equity. The team has awareness about key industries, successful experience with portfolio companies, extensive connections in various professional communities and a well-deserved reputation for excellence.

    It is our paramount goal to ensure our professionals have a global perspective as well as local knowledge, experience, and relationships.


    We believe that this combination of global expertise with local networks and familiarity allows us to source proprietary opportunities – allowing us to identify and approach companies that might not otherwise be available for investment and drive differentiated results.

    Our team actively participates in the development of portfolio companies. The team also includes experts in finance, taxation, information technology, HR management and other areas which companies have to deal with regular basis.


    The key members of the team have been working successfully through several financial crises in the Russian and international markets.

    We know how Russian economy is structured and all round-abouts for engaging international cooperation. We also carefully watching all international businesses presented in Russia, their strong points and problems they are facing. Based on this knowledge and experience we can propose our partners the win-win solution for entering the Russian market.

  • Intuitive problem solvers, grounded by a
    fact-based approach but oriented towards
    stretch goals
  • Creative professionals able to adapt a
    foundational set of skills to
    unique situations
  • Individuals who derive energy from driving and
    motivating change and have a transformative
    mindset – in everything they do

We partner with whom we do business and maintain a shared sense of ownership during
the lifespan of our investments. Today these core values remain ingrained in every aspect of our organization. They are also reflected by the values we live by:

  • Integrity
  • Relationship driven
    Relationship driven
  • Accountability
  • Teamwork
Our Services and Expertise
  • Financial & Strategic advisory
    Financial & Strategic
  • Financing advisory
    Financing advisory
  • Structured products
    Structured products
  • IPO advisory
    IPO advisory
  • Private placements
    Private placements
  • Corporate finance solution
    Corporate finance