Russia and Japan: economic cooperation strategy

Ararat Hayatt, Moscow, April 17, 2015 – The Moscow times business seminar gathered more than 90 participants including representatives of the Embassy of Japan, Russian Federation Government, state authorities, partners of major international companies, general and commercial directors, chiefs and managers of business development departments, and mass media representatives. Partners of the above mentioned event are Dentons and NDV Global.

Leading japanologists and famous businessmen shared their opinion regarding the issues of Russian and Japanese business cooperation. More than 10 unique experts of Russia, as well as state and business representatives presented their reports, among them were Mr. Ivao Okhasi (Japan and Asian - Pacific countries adviser), Associations of industrial parks in Russia, Mr. Fyodor Lukovtsev, Vice-chairman (The Zabaikalye Territory government), Mr. Artyom Sokhykyan, Deputy Director of direct investments attraction, export support and foreign trade activity department (Ministry for the development of the Russian Far East).

Speakers discussed the stages of Japanese companies entering to the Russian market, local investors expectations and basic factors influencing the solutions regarding investments or cooperation for companies. Besides, the following topics were touched on at the seminar: sanctions and possible problems in business cooperation between the countries, as well as basic trends in economic relationship.